Sunday, August 26

Fun times!

Today we went over to visit our friends Lyndi and Steve and their two girls Amy and Becca. The boys had a blast. They got to swim with Amy in her cool new pool in the backyard. (I think she's checking the temp of the water) hehe

Will was mostly all about riding around on the mini 4 wheeler and the cozy coupe and playing the little house out back while Jake and Amy swam.

Steve grilled an awesome dinner--we even got to eat outside because it wasn't just smoldering at that time of the day. The boys, especially Jake, didn't want to leave all the cool toys behind but with promises of coming back another day, we finally had to make our way home. Most importantly of all (not really--but I am excited about it). Mommy was able to get some girly clothes that Amy and Becca have outgrown!! Yay girl stuff--I'm so excited.

Thanks guys!! We had a great time and will have to do it again soon!

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pookiesmom said...

Awww...they look so cute! You need to send me the pics through email, you know! Oh btw, I updated my blog!


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