Friday, August 17

Big Backyard

Milo and Will are chilling in the clubhouse. Milo is pumping Will up to go down the "big" slide by himself--which he still won't do.

The kids love to play in the back yard. They run themselves silly one plus of having a big yard. The minus is that prego over here has to try to keep up with them. It's cool though they know if they don't stay in the backyard they have to go in so we have it down now. A fence would help though....maybe in the future!

YES this is yet another sprinkler that we have. After the redneck sprinkler situation--we now have 3. Everyone made sure our kids weren't missing out. We not only have Elmo, but a cool big beach ball one and now Spidey. Very cool cuz the water shoots out his hands like web and he spins around. Lots of action. The kids love the water and hey it helps our grass out too!

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