Saturday, August 18

Carnival Birthday

The birthday crew: Hannah, Brian Jr, Kristen

We went to an awesome birthday party today! See above for birthday people. It was a big time. They had lots of games, face painting, a huge castle bouncy inflatable thing, yummy food and even COTTON CANDY! (mommy's favorite) I really think there were 100 people there or at least it seemed like it with all the kids running around. Brian and Holly got it right doing ALL the kids birthdays together! Smart. The boys had a big time playing with all of their cousins. The best was that cousin Riley Mo was in town and they got to play with her the night before at Yaya and Papa's house and then tonight at the party! The 3 of them always have a good time playing together. Fun stuff!! There's lots of pictures of the cousins too! Enjoy!!

How do I get outta here?!?!

Really he just thought it was cool to press his face against the netting.

Pretty girl Riley Mo playing her cool guitar with her face painted!

Caleb keeping up with Emma Grace and Will

Check out Cayleigh's face paint! Grrrr!

Ok this is my absolute favorite picture of all. This was from the most hilarious game ever--the fruit roll up game! I think the big kids had more fun than the little ones with this game.

Check out Brian and Kari!!!

I think it is safe to say.....a GREAT time was had by all!!!


Lea Ann said...

I wish I could have been there....looks like a lot of fun!!!

neenee said...

and they got cool shirts . . .

Holly said...

clean up was a blast and yes they got really cool shirts!

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