Wednesday, August 22

Where does milk come from?


Here's the set-up. Jake was asking for his milk in a very whiny manner so Daddy decided to ask him where milk came from to torture him really. remember Jake's voice....very whiny!

J: I want my milk!
Daddy: Do you know where milk comes from Jacob?
J: Nooo I want my milk!
Daddy: What animal does it come from?
Daddy: Does it come from sheep?
J: silence
Daddy: Does it come from horses?
J: silence
Daddy: Jacob if you tell me what animal milk comes from, I'll go get your cup.
J: ........(lightbulb) JACOB!!!!! big smile on his face

mommy and daddy laughing hysterically and thinking ?!?! but then back to Jacob..

J: Can I have my milk puhleeeeese!!!

So yes he finally got his milk after we explained that milk does indeed come from cows not from Jacob. Guess he thought that is where it goes to/comes from--what's the difference. We even went on to the farmer milks the cows and sends the milk to the store where we buy it. I added that this is what mommy's PaPa used to do.

Not impressed.....He just wanted his milk!

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