Thursday, December 18

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry Party if I Want To!

December is Party Central here at The Spence House for Birthdays. We aren't done yet still another coming in a couple of days. {that doesn't include 2 uncles later in the month}

Anyway, I thought I would participate in my Happy Birthdaying too, why not?! So.....

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Me & my Sis

Yes I had to search for a picture where I looked halfway decent
You know not in my pj's with no makeup staring holes through the person behind the camera for taking the picture smiling usually on the couch or in the rocker donned with at least ONE of my five hundred three kids......oh wait am I wallowing in self pity complaining??....ok I'll's my BIRTHDAY woo and I'll be happy. 31 years is here and I will embrace it! whatever it's too late early and I don't even know what I am typing about.

On another note we got our external hard drive fixed so I can now find all the pics of those things that I will never haven't yet blogged about and will hopefully get them on here soon.

Can you tell the strikethrough is my new obsession toy?! Thanks MckMama!


Sandy Toes said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more happy years!
-sandy toes

Mommy said...

Happy Birthday my friend! 31 amazing years---much to be thankful for. Talk to you in a bit.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday!! I'll be joining your ranks in another five months....yoi.

Oh yeah - and you'd be hard pressed to find me in a picture without anything but sweats on, too!

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