Tuesday, December 2

We were appreciated...

This morning Jake's PreK class had a Parent Appreciation Breakfast right when we dropped him off. We all went, Mommy, Daddy, little brother and little sister. Jake was so proud. They had yummy finger foods, coffee, juice and milk. We were able to look around the room a bit and they had the MOST precious DVD running on repeat that had pictures of all of the children. It had the sweetest song playing behind it and Psalm 139 scrolling through. We are SO lucky both teachers in this class literally walk around with their cameras in their pockets. They take thousands of pictures of these kids. The ones they had on the DVD were all super cute close ups. AND lo and behold when we went to Jacob's seat in class there was a present there for us parents and in that present was his colorful hand, the picture from the DVD and a copy of the DVD itself. It was VERY sweet....

The DVD was attached on the back

Then after the bell rang we got to see them do all of their first of the morning routine. Their prayers, picking special person of the day, checking the weather, setting their schedule and singing some songs. We left when they broke out into their small groups.

I always wish I could be a fly on the wall to see what goes on and how my kids act when I am not around. Do you do that too or am I the only one??

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