Tuesday, December 16

Early Christmas at Mickey D's

Amy, Jake and Will patiently waiting for their food......HA!

So we always get together with our friends Lyndi and Steve and their girls, Amy and Becca, at Mickey D's. It's just the best place to meet with all of our kids and not worry about who is where and who is screaming for what because let's face it at the Playplace someone is ALWAYS screaming......so it doesn't matter. Therefore all future Hopkins/Spence weeknight dinner meets are at Mickey D's. Nuf said. {don't worry we wash hands REAL good when we leave...swear}

Tonight we exchanged Christmas gifts and the kids had a big time playing together. The little ones even got in on the action--in fact Becca went all the way up to the top and slid down! I was impressed--she is only 18 months!! {Jake JUST now is going up there and playing and Will still won't--we have Playplace scaredy cats} Alaina Claire didn't make it that far but she did play in the tunnels a bit.


Action shot: Will and Becca

Woo hoo mom this is cool!!

Just chillin in here because I am a big girl...oh yeah...I am ONE YEAR old!!

Barely caught a shot of Jake--he and Amy were on the move the
ENTIRE time....never caught Amy.

The men and Little Miss

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pookiesmom said...

Those are great pics! So adorable. We had fun too! :D Hee...Amy hasn't stopped moving since she started crawling. :P

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