Friday, October 17

Favorite Foto Friday

These are from AC's 9 month photo shoot a few weeks ago. These are just a couple from Krista's blog. Don't you just LOVE them?!!! She did a fantastic job as always!!! Thanks Krista!

To see more click HERE.

While you are on her blog she did pics for my cousin Lori and her family the other day. To check them out click HERE or just go to the homepage of the blog and scroll down.

AND last but not least Kim had Miss Emsley's 6 month pictures done and they are on there too--you can go to homepage of the blog and scroll or just click HERE.



Kim said...

That picture of AC is Great {obviously, I copied you!}

Krista Lee said...

Alaina Claire is such a cutie pie! We finished the other photos, do you want to pick them up Monday or should I put them in the mail? Sorry again for the delay!!!

The Nester said...

Super cute photo!

I had a great time at breakfast!

Sandy Toes said...

She is so cute!!! What a beautiful blog...came over from the Nester!
-Sandy toes
*I am adding you to my blog list so I don't forget you!

joanne said...

AC is the sweetest little girl. I can't get over how much she reminds me of you. Whenever I look at her I think of you and how you must have looked as a little girl. It was great seeing your family Saturday. Give those sweet boys and AC a hug!

Rachel Wheat said...

Those are adorable! Don't you love when you personally know someone as talented as Krista? I always hope some of it will rub off on me when we hug. It hasn't yet, but I'll keep trying!

Lori said...

Hello! I got a shout out on your blog AND I AM LEAVING A COMMENT!

Lori said...

Oh yeah! AND I love the pix...especially the one of you three!

Abbey said...

She is just the cutest. Can't wait to see you guys!

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