Friday, October 17

Abducted by Aliens

You see I have this THEORY that everyone in my house has been abducted by aliens. Too many strange things going on around here that wouldn't happen in MY house. For instance..........

SCHOOL PICTURES---this picture turned out to be a half way decent pic of all of my children--minus the always bright blue background--and it was a SCHOOL picture!! Mother's Day Out actually. {at MY house school pictures would have turned out crappy and all of my children looking at once...doesn't happen}

My OLDEST son is going to PreK and loving it---every morning if he drags I threaten for him to NOT go to school and he gets right up and gets dressed. {you see in MY house he would whine and fuss all the way to school--mother's day out--once he got there he had a blast but the getting there was annoying} He even fusses when we don't have school like today because it is Fall Break. {in MY house we would be jumping for joy and counting all the "shows" we would get to watch on TV}

AND My oldest child is getting so tall it is hard to hold him all at once anymore......{in my house he is still my baby that I can rock whenever I want} He draws pictures of himself, sounds out words, sings a blue million songs I've never heard, greets several teachers he sees at school each morning by name and will carry on a conversation with you for as long as you feel like talking {in my house he doesn't want to draw, is shy with adults and refuses to talk when you try to talk to him}

My MIDDLE child is attempting to be more loving to his sister. Will sit with his brother and watch part of a tv show with him on the couch. AND has ASKED to watch a movie and then sat and watched the whole thing---people I'll take what I can get---that was 2 1/2 years coming to get him to sit at the tv for more than 2 minutes---call me what you want aliens or no---mama needs a break and after 2 1/2 years a couple hours in front of the TV for the VERY FIRST TIME isn't gonna hurt!!! {in MY house he looks at the tv with absolutely no interest at all and goes back to beating on his little sister which appears to be much more fun}

AND my middle child counts to 10, says his ABC's, loves to color, will sit down to do arts and crafts for as long as you will sit there with him, loves music and talks up a storm where you can actually understand what he is saying---most of the time. {in MY house he is just too busy getting into everything to be interested in doing any one thing at all and when he talks you just nod because who knows what he is saying}

My BABY GIRL is walking--more like running, has cut her first tooth, plays with her brothers for a good bit of time, takes a bath in the big tub, loves to be chased, can play independently for as long as you let her and has the most hysterical personality and oh yes a temper. {in MY house she was just sitting up much less crawling and definitely not walking, had no teeth and gummed everything to death, would just sit and watch her brothers but not dare intervene. In MY house she wouldn't scream/screech/squeal at the highest decibel the INSTANT she didn't get her way because she knows it gets attention--not in MY house}

My HUBBY comes home from work at the same time every day with plenty of time to have supper, play with the kids, do bathtime and then bedtime---all of that uninterrupted by work. {in MY house he has to stay late 2-3 out of 5 nights of the week and when he is home work calls each night for direction on something and weekends would involve going in--that's what happens in MY house}

ME--I have been actually going to bed at night instead of blogging--obviously, cleaning, laundry or dishes---UGH not that THIS is a good thing. {in MY house sleep was overrated and the only time things got done is the middle of the night} As of late it seems I have no choice---sleep overtakes me--it is all catching up with me---or aliens need more sleep. ha!

Last but NOT least and the reason I KNOW the aliens are here---the Vanderbilt Commodores are 5-1 on their season this year....... I said 5-1!! That means they have WON 5 games and only lost 1 game. They are ranked in the Top 25--#22 to be exact and are 3-1 in the SEC. {in MY house Vandy would be 0-6 and have pipe dreams of the Top 25 and be DEAD last in the SEC}
GO VANDY!!!!!!!

As it appears the aliens have taken over and so many changes have taken place in our house. I couldn't even pinpoint the time for you when it all happened---things just have a way of getting away from you. Time gets away from you. Before you know it----it is Halloween and you are shopping for Christmas presents because Christmas is just 69 days away and before that your baby girl turns ONE!! AAAAGGGHH!! Go AWAY aliens GO AWAY---I want MY house back---let me enjoy things the way they used to be for a little bit longer.....just a little!


Kim said...

What a HYS-terical post! I agree - the aliens have landed! The Will thing proves!

Anonymous said...

I love that Vandy made your blog! Liz

Abbey said...

I have come to the realization that I need more updated pics of the kids. The one of all three...too cute. Want one...please.

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