Monday, September 29

We're back....

We made it back yesterday and I have not had a chance to look at any pictures much less blog about them. I promise, I will go back and fill in Fri/Sat/Sun soon. We had a blast at the Children's Museum and Holiday World. We did lots of fun stuff in a short time and the kids had a great time.....well so did the adults for that matter I believe!

First off, Little Miss is good. No phone call Friday = good news for us. Sure enough her fever was gone that day and she has been good to go ever since......well minus her little mishap yesterday morning while she was eating snack on top of the bed at the hotel and decided to crawl away to play ....yeah you guessed it....right off the bed. She has a nice carpet burn under her left eye. Woo hoo us! No really she only cried for a minute and she is good. =) {and we were sitting with her on the bed she is just THAT fast....swear}

Of course no trip is complete without someone being sick at all times. So Mr Mischievious didn't let us down last night he woke us up burning up with fever and congested. He must have a cold or a "virus" as I am sure they would tell me if I took him in. HE finally got back good and asleep after we gave him meds and turned on the vaporizer so he could breathe and then I had to wake him up to take Big Bro to school this morning. Poor thing.....don't go feeling too sorry for him though. His sickness didn't stop him from pouring out 1/4 of my new bottle of Dawn on several toys, toy bins and oh yes 1 hr later I find out my chair and a half. GREAT! Then later he brought me the pickle relish and an egg. {if he had just brought me tuna I could have mixed it up} And last but not the Desitin out and smeared it on a few things including the remote and his little sister and then passed it on to her no less so he would be in the clear. Yeah Right, dude, Mommy's not buying it!! All that was this morning....he is napping now, we'll see what the afternoon brings. =)

So updates on our mini vacation soon!

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Krista Lee said...

Okay... So Kimberly told me tonight that you STILL have not gotten your photos??? OMG! I am SO sorry!!! I thought they were sent out like 2 weeks ago, I was just getting caught up on the blog today but I thought you had already gotten them!!! ! Girl, if that ever happens again call or email me! Usually it takes about a week and a half, 2 weeks tops. I will get on sending you the rest tomorrow, k?

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