Friday, September 5

Whoever said Girls..........

Can't make messes! HA! Just thought I would share what my 8 1/2 month old did while I was typing the previous post!! Needless to say she is in my lap as we speak. All of this stuff was either in bags or stacked on the desk shelf. Oh yeah, I'm in need to include that in your comment cuz I'm already feeling the vibes!

What have I gotten myself into, O Lord?!
{this gets asked about a hundred times a day}

Caught in the act

The path of destruction


Kim said...

good grief!

Lindsay said...

never underestimate the power of a non-walker!

joanne said...

Can I just say that little girls like to keep busy? This is my house most of the time!!!

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Thanks, God Bless- Joanne

joanne said...
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