Tuesday, September 9


So I would say the world of Text Messaging has slowly taken over my life.....well part of it....the part that hasn't already been taken over by blogging. And by part I mean all of this is just one PART of my life.....yes there is still time for family.....I swear!

OK I guess you know you are addicted when you try to get the texts you know you have received and you can' t even get into the text messaging system of your phone. The day before, just fine, texted all day, the next day.......FROZEN. Well, who knew it was frozen beyond repair!! They literally laughed at me and when I say laughed, really I mean they looked at me sternly and said you REALLY shouldn't let it get this bad again. You should NEVER EVER have more than 100 messages in there total.

What?? You may ask. Well see I have a deleting problem......I never saw it as a problem before......but I think today I have been shown the light. I had so many texts still in my inbox and my sent folder and even in the drafts folder that all together they totaled like 1,000. Oh yeah you read it right! The reason I say deleting problem.....well I kinda have this issue with my email inbox too...I don't know you be the judge.....is 4,498 a problem??? I don't feel SO bad about this because I KNOW there are others worse than me on this {you know who you are and I won't link to you because you are in my sisterhood and I would never break that bond----HAHAHA!!} Then of course there is the stuff on my desk, you know all the things I NEED to keep that I KNOW I will do something with because it is stuff that has to do with SLAH or my kids or finances or you know ANYTHING. {what's the limit on how long it should stay before you say trash it---I think 3 yrs at least, huh?} Problem? anyone......oh my I'm getting anxious over here. I have an addiction and I never knew it----thanks cell phone company for opening my eyes!

SOOOOOOO........when I took my phone today to complain because it was not letting me text my little text messages, which is truthfully the only way I talk to my hubby during the day and lots of times the only way I talk to my sis {what is the world coming to?}......anyway took it in and they {4 different people} said well we can't help you---you will have to get a new phone, it's just frozen to the point of no fixes. {you jacked this one up you silly texter lady who knows nothing about cell phones and how they work} I'm positive that is what they were thinking. ANYWAY......lucky for me.....I got this phone less than a year ago and who knew but it is under a year warranty {never had to use it before} and I was able to get a BRAND SPANKING NEW phone. WOO HOO for me!!!

So all that to say, all is right with my texting world once again.
Hope all is well with you........
TXT ME sometime! LOL!!!

**Edited to add: Phobia....maybe it is a phobia not a problem....a deleting phobia??????? Oh dear?!


Mommy said...

Oh friend! I am laughing along with you right now. I didn't know that was a problem either but now I am aware. The sisterhood, thank you Lord for the sisterhood, it's a good thing. :-)

Stefanie said...

You are too funny. Thank goodness my phone gives me a little message telling me that my inbox is reaching it's maximum limit or else I would still have a bajillion txts in my inbox. Oh the world of texting . . .how addicting it is.

Rach said...

Oh yes mine tells me when it is almost full. It said 80% but apparently my phone can't hold anymore than 80% before it goes kaput! I swear I was going to delete little phone...you just didn't give me enough time before you died!!

Kim said...

Are you not the same person who {the other day} sent me an email that I emailed you while pregnant with Carson and Lawson {these 2 will be turning 2 next month}??

Yeah, thought so - you might want to delete your inbox as well!

Lindsay said...

Oh my, I can totally relate to the texting/blog addiction....it's a sad truth - but seriously - for us SAHM's, it's sometimes the only adult "interaction" we get during the day that can't be distracted (much) by screaming/whining kids!

I can't relate to your deltion phobia however...I'm an inbox nazi who can't handle more messages in my inbox that what I can see on the first screen...I'm sick like that. Oh, and doesn't your phone warn you that your inbox is almost full??

I did see that post you did about the mowing - that was HILARIOUS...how did that even happen?? Well, either way, I think it solidified the fact that your dh won't "let" you mow anymore!! LOL.

Krista Lee said...

What???! I never knew your phone could freeze from texting??!! I text ALL the time, I think mine automatically erases them after it hits 50 or so though... haha. PS Ummm YOU are hilarious. And you know what I'm talkin about lol...

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