Friday, September 5

Favorite Foto Friday

Ok so I am trying to start some new weekly posts to make it easier for me to blog. =) Obviously I am having a hard time with it. We will now have Favorite Foto Friday where I will post a fav picture, it might be current or it might be old. Who knows just whatever I run across. So here is the first edition:

Just chillin' reading my mag with my sunglasses on {upside down} cuz its so bright in the house and don't my back up ready to go! {right side up} Ahhh the many faces of Will!


Kim said...

That would make a great head piece to an alien costume!

Andrea Brian said...

I bet Will is a RIOT!!

Abbey said...

I just realized you need a new pic of the fam for the top of your blog...One with AC in it.

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