Friday, September 26

Children's Museum

Today we got up at NiNi's apartment and had breakfast and waited for what seemed like an eternity to the kids for Net Net and Gramps to drive up and meet us today.

Once they got there we went to the Children's Museum of Evansville. It is located in the old Library building so it has tons of character and the way this place was decorated was super cool also---although those specific features I'm not sure I took pics of. This place had 6 different sections to it. One of them was a water section which was closed to maintenance much to our dismay.The first one we went to was a temporary exhibit. It was one on accessability. This place showed you the different things you can do in everyday life no matter what type of disability you have.

Then there was the Work Smart area. This area was right up Will's alley you could build and create things and it was geared toward engineering things. Alaina Claire got in on the action here as there was a place for just toddlers to play which was nice! They also had a dig where you could uncover dino bones--Jake was all over it!

Upstairs there was a room called Live Big. This one talked all about the human body and how it functions. There was a huge talking brain and also a drum that if you held the handles in front of it then it would beat YOUR heartbeat. Pretty nifty!

The water area had an upstairs part where you can load plastic balls into a cannon type thing and shoot them down to the water. This area also had a play area with climbing and slide.

Last but not least was the Freedom Gallery. This place had a room with all kinds of different instruments and then another with household things used as instruments. There was an art section in here and a stage makeup place where NiNi gave them a few pointers.

Our FAVE was definitely the stage where you can act out a story on the stage and it shows up on a screen outside the little "theater" they have set up in there. You have a choice of 4 stories and then they have boo coodles of costumes to go along with the stories and you can even change the background on the stage. At first there had been a field trip there with us all morning which wasn't a big deal as they kept the place lively. BUT once we got to this place Jake wanted the stage to himself so he could act out Where the Wild Things Are---which just so happens to be is ABSOLUTE favorite book right now. Those kids left and buddy he put on a show. He even got Daddy and NiNi up there to help be Wild Things. It was too fun!!!

This place was excellent and all of the kids enjoyed it. Great pick Ni Ni. This makes me want to go to our local kids museum which I haven't been to since I was a kid to see what all they have now.

After the museum we were able to check in our hotel after eating lunch. Then we were supposed to go back to campus to do a few things with NiNi but ALL of us laid down to take naps and we ALL napped for 3 hrs at least. By the time we woke up we had to get ready to go out to eat tonight which we did. Looking forward to Holiday World tomorrow!!!!

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Abbey said...

Looks like a lot of fun...I've seen a place like this on John and Kate plus 8....Love that show!

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