Friday, September 5

The Heavens parted

....and God said "Alaina Claire I will let enough of your hair grow back that your Mommy can at least put a bow in a few strands"

And it was SO!

Folks this is the first day that she had ACTUALLY been wearing a bow
in her hair---- all day people!!
It was about a month ago but just now getting to the picture.



Courtney said...

Aww... so SWEET!

Mommy said...

:-) Precious!

Amy Call said...

She is the sweetest thing!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!

xoxoxox from Dallas

pookiesmom said...

Awww! Yeah, I only have one pic of Becca with a bow in. Why must their hair grow so slow? :(

Holly said...

So cute!

Kim said...

Ok - that post is funny {especially since I know the behind the scene comments!!} haha

Stefanie said...

it's about time she got some use out of those $50 bows! Presh.

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