Thursday, September 25

One of Those Days...

Yep we all have them. Although I seem to have them quite often lately, especially after having 3 kids. So as I sit here in my sisters on-campus apt at college while she quietly sleeps on the futon and my children and hubby are asleep in her room and one roommate is gone and the other is in her room doing homework or maybe she is asleep now who knows....I can talk about it.

You have now obviously gathered that we are on a trip. Yes this was a PLANNED trip for some time now. We are visiting my sister and then tomorrow going to a children's museum here and then on Saturday the REAL fun begins as we go to Holiday World! Woo hoo! The kids are stoked not quite as much as running around like crazy people and showing off for NiNi's friends tonight but stoked nonetheless.

I what lead us to this point. Last night I was supposed to get stuff together because the plan was to leave straight from picking Jake up from school. We were going to go up to daddy's work {it's on the way} so all his coworkers could see the kiddos and then head to NiNi's. That was the PLAN. Therefore everything had to be packed and in the car by 2pm today before I headed to pick Will up first and then Jake. OH yeah and all the while taking AC to her 9 mo dr appt at 10:15.

SOOOO last night daddy had to work late and I put the kids down and you have to have been reading awhile see this post to understand why I don't like to put the boys to bed. Anyways I fell asleep. Woke up when daddy got home but regardless I had lost my mojo. It just wasn't happening. So I thought ok if I can get back from AC's appt by 11am {smoking crack} then I can feed her lunch and put her down and have almost 3 hrs to get everything together, download old pictures, wash some towels, take out trash and straighten up the house. {who likes to come home to a dirty house from I right?!} I could spend all my time doing this because I will get up before daddy and get my shower and also after I take Jake I will come back home before Will has to be at school and I have an hour to get all the clothes together that we are going to take that will be one thing down.

SO here's how it REALLY went down:

AC wakes at 4:45am guess she's hungry...that's cool I need to get up earlier to take a shower. So I pick her up to feed her....good grief she feels hot....must be hot in this room. Yeah fall back to sleep. Don't wake up til AFTER daddy gets out of the know 6:30. By this point it is a mad rush to do the whole morning routine of breakfast, pack lunches, get dressed, brush teeth, get ME dressed and out the door. When I got AC dressed I decided to take her temp cuz she wasn't acting so hot either and out of the bed and in the high chair she felt really hot. YEP 102.7.....LOVELY! We haven't had a fever since all of our UTI and urinary reflux diagnosis now that we are on daily antibiotics. BUT hey! we have a dr appt anyway...score!

Get everyone out the door, AFTER I remembered at the last minute that today was Jake's asst teacher's birthday and OH YEAH.....they sent home a page for him to color for her that was due on TUESDAY {this is Thurs} So grab the crayons and pry him from his morning show long enough for him to make a bEUtiful picture for his teacher....put it in the bag....let's go! Get to school and all the kids have their green or things that start with D for share day....SHARE DAY...we forgot SHARE DAY....oh dear Lord....please help us! was a crisis for a minute but to my surprise he was ok with just talking about his green thing {a plastic little snake he was going to bring}. Shew....cleared that one.

Rush back home....well haven't had a shower so guess what takes up the majority of that 1 hr before Will goes to guessed it! Along with packig his lunch, getting his bag together {thankfully he never has homework!} and comforting AC who was obviously not feeling well at all now.

Get W to school and then rush to the Dr office because I scheduled myself JUST enough time to get there and sit for a minute to let her nurse and then run in the office. That is just what I did.

We actually got back there in short order, but of course seeing the dr was no such luck. When he finally came in and I of course shared the 102.7 info......he said if he didn't find any other symptoms from the fever than we would have to do another cath to test her urine......WHAT??!! I know I know they are doing their job with the condition she has we don't need UTI's but I SWEAR it is a virus.....Will came home with it last Thurs lasted a couple days and voila....timing is right....see.....yeah he doesn't budge. So my baby had to have ANOTHER cathater put in to get urine to test. Of course it was a nurse who apparently NEVER does this with an experienced one holding does this make sense. Took forever botched the whole thing and all I can say is thankfully the experienced one grabbed the cup in time to catch the pee pee that was flying. Anyway, too much info I know.

So as if this wasn't enough torture for one day they still had to prick her toe for her hemoglobin count which is normal at 9 mo. Here she goes pricks her toe and one small tiny teeny tiny drop so she squeezes and she squeezes {AC is screaming BLOODY MURDER, of course} and she squeezes and she massages and she squeezes and still hardly anything and she finally says well this will have to do. I'd say so LADY! {I really do love her.......not today in this moment}

Well the rapid test came back clean so we are good to go....just a virus....treat the fever. {after the nurse told me but I had to wait on the dr for 20 more min to TELL ME THE SAME THING} been there done that people I got it. If it grows overnight you will call me. Which by the way it did last time and that is why I am not overly excited about the initial positive result today I will be better after lunch tomorrow and I haven't gotten a call from the dr.

SO remember that home by 11am? Try 12:30........remember I have to leave at 2 to pick up the boys........remember nothing is packed.......nothing!!!

I got off the phone with Kim even to complete this task as it could only be done with the most focused mind and determined will. SO needless to say after all that. I RAN MY HINEY off for a straight hour and a half to get everything packed for us to be gone for 3 days. This may not seem like a lot to you but when you have a 4, 2 and 9 month never knew you could pack so much stuff and still drive the vehicle down the road.

I DID IT!!!!! I was impressed and I think my hubby was a bit impressed too, I could be wrong.

Just goes to show you the best laid plans........... {what was that again}

So we made it up here and unfortunately AC still has her fever but with medicine she is still playing. We made it to daddy's work and got to see all of his work friends although I am quite sure they were glad when we left as they could hear themselves think again. {that is what they get for making a comment the first 2 minutes we were there that they are SOOOOO good I don't believe any of those stories your daddy tells about you...........yeah right} Oh well it didn't help his friend Shelley decided to chase them around either.....LOL! They had fun.

AND we're off for an exciting weekend. I will hopefully have lots of good pictures. I will also post AC's update if the dr calls and maybe I will write for my bloggy friends a post about what she has. She is good just have to prevent with antibiotics....which....well I digress I will save that for THAT post.

OH YEAH did I mention that Of course NONE of the housework part of that plan today got done just the essentials of packing. So who will be coming home to a messy house......ME! oh yeah can't wait

Enough of the rambling......if you are still here....thanks!



Mommy said...

Good grief. What a DAY! Have a great time this weekend.

pookiesmom said...

Awww...sorry to hear it was so crazy! ((HUGS))

Stefanie said...

So that's what all that incessant typing was last night ( I seem to remember that in the moments that I somewhat woke up while you were still sitting there). Crazy, crazy, crazy, as usual. But, hey, we get to go to Holiday World! And the Museum was fun!

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