Sunday, June 29

Shout Out!

I wanted to thank everyone who helped keep me sane this week! I know it sounds silly but you have NO IDEA!!!

So shout out to all of the Spence siblings and Riley Mo--for hanging out with us while you were in town. We had a to come. Thanks!!

Shout out to Yaya and Papa for cooking yummy food and hanging too. And Yaya for your trip with Jake Friday wherever you guys went he keeps talking about it. Thanks!!

Shout out to my dad aka Gramps for coming up one day and taking us to lunch and playing with the kiddos. Yummy and lots of fun. Thanks!!

Shout out to my friends Kim and Misty for helping a sister out by coming up here for our playdate this week!! It was fun....we'll have to do it again....wink wink. Thanks!!

Shout out to Granny for letting Jake come hang out at her house and spend the night one night. He LOVES going over there so he had a big time with you and Sam and Jessi. Thanks!!

Shout out to my mom aka Net Net for just being around this week and helping when she could. Especially for all the household chores that she helped with like washing clothes when a girl's washer goes out. (very sad and aggravated face) Mowing the rest of the yard {if you don't know why go back 2 posts} and cooking some too. Oh and don't forget Jake spent the night there one night too. Just thanks for everything all the time! Thanks!!

Shout out to my sister aka NiNi who is just always there to be a helping hand and keep the kids from burning the house down. Wow she really helps out so I can just get the smallest things done during the day. For that matter I need to shout out to her for the WHOLE summer because she has been hanging with me since she got back and I DONT WANT HER TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. What will I do?!?! Thanks!!

Thank you everyone for everything you do not just now but always. Ok I thank I am done thanking. hehe ok enough blogging for me for a's gone to my to tidy up before the Daddy gets home oh yeah and tend to the screaming kid in the background...don't you hear that?? =)

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