Tuesday, July 1

Backyard Update...

Thought I should let you guys know that YES the playset is OK since you have asked. It has quite a few bumps and bruises, some split wood and loose screws {man I know what that's like}......but it lives! My mom and I got the clubhouse and slide part back up right after it happened and with the help of our neighbor to the back of us we got it kid ready for the next day's playdate--yay neighbor Joe! We still need to replace the wood on the monkey bars part so that it can hold the swings and we'll be good to go.

Now that my husband is HOME SAFE AND SOUND! I am just gonna kinda let him handle it! {I'll hold something or hand you the tools} =) love ya honey

Oh yeah and the grass is plenty green now after we had rain the other night it is doing just fine so I didn't kill it although ya wouldn't have known that right after I mowed. ugh


Mommy said...

I suggest your new role as the handy helper is a good one for ya. Just hold the hammer/screw/level/etc. and leave the clean up to Daddy. Glad your grass has been resurrected. :-) Just blame Daddy. Tell him next time he leaves to go to the other side of the world he must mow the Spence grass before he leaves.

Kim said...

hahaha! I sooo wish I was there!

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