Sunday, June 29

Kiddos: an Update

Ok so I have gotten lots of nice emails and comments wanting to see the kids. I know I know but it just hasn't happened. So here are some updates and pics of the kids. I promise that one day I WILL get caught up on this thing but as of right now I am just posting as I can.

Alaina Claire is 6 months old now. She loves to watch her brothers and they {especially Will} are the only ones that can make her really belly laugh. She just started sitting up by herself last week. She loves to jabber and is a good long as it's not veggies. FYI on her she has a urinary tract infection {ugh} and the dr wants to do a couple of diagnostic tests to make sure all is well on the inside. More than likely everything is A-ok and she just had bad luck and got a UTI but just in case we are having those done at
Vanderbilt Children's on Wednesday afternoon. So wish us luck and prayers for that one. Oh and I swear she is growing her hair back slowly but surely. =)

Will is of course now 27 months old. Crazy and wild as ever! I don't ever think I have met a kid with more personality. He is a busy busy busy kid and he really means well as he gets into everything on God's green Earth. Really he does mean well he is a caretaker. If you even mention needing something even if you are talking to someone else--give him one minute--and he is bringing it to you. He is talking up a storm these days in plenty of sentences--yes lots of them only mommy can understand still but he is getting there and get do pretty much whatever he puts his mind to. He is the type that only has to see it once and he's got it. He LOVES lawnmowers & vacuum cleaners {more like obsessed}, daddy's truc, any type of truck and airplanes. He is such a sweet boy! {he is being good this morning so it is easy for me to say that right now..HAHA}

Jacob is almost 4 years old. {July 13} I can't believe we have a 4 year old. He is such a big boy. He is getting so tall and he just carries on conversations with you about anything. It is crazy. His latest is that he is going to tell you a joke. The joke is "how do _____ fly?" hahahahaha Yep that is it he changes the blank to anything and then after that he just laughs so hysterically you have to laugh too even though he hasn't finished anything...hee hee we are working on comprehending the "end of the joke" part. The other thing is he has started collecting. You may think he has been collecting before with the dinosaurs and all but no he really didn't know there were X number out there and he only had 5 and needs 3 more or anything like that. Well Kung Fu Panda at Mickey D's did it to him. How many McD's toys have we had and this time he decides he HAS to have them ALL! He was "hungry for McD's" 24-7 until we finally got ALL of those stinking toys. Thanks to Ni Ni and Net Net for being on the lookout and getting the hard to get ones for us. He still loves dinosaurs, reading, watching videos {ugh}, playing with all his people and animals and playing in the water/sprinkler. He is our biggest boy and such a great big brother. It is hard to believe he is going to PreK this fall but he is SOOOO excited.


Holly said...

Good luck with Alainas tests. She will be in good hands. I cant believe how big the kids are getting. I will have an 11 year old in a few weeks!

Amy Call said...

Goodnes, Goodness, Goodness...Thank you for putting these up. Your kids are too cute!! Of course, being the aunt, I may be a little biased, but I am sure Steph, Abbey and Liz would all agree!!

Guess I need to be updating my blog too...

Love from Dallas...

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