Tuesday, January 29


This is a picture I captured this morning of my little man. This is the first time he has been decent enough in one of "these" times that I could actually take a picture. There is nothing to see here I swear. So anyway, this is Will's fascination and has been for the past several months much to my dismay. I'll walk in the room at any given time after having been gone sometimes only 30 seconds to Will--pants off diaper off and just grinning ear to ear and most of the time laughing AT us---sometimes he will have a little drizzle on the carpet and sometimes not just depends on the time. The boy loves to take off his clothes--I'm sure this isn't uncommon at this age and yes I have taken the opportunity to do the whole "potty" thing and it is still a work in progress at this point. He thinks that this is absolutely hilarious---he knows exactly what he is doing--never fails he waits until Mommy is into something else completely {ie folding clothes and sitting right in the middle of them on the couch OR nursing baby sister OR in the kitchen fixing a meal OR on the phone} Any of these have been known to be triggers for Mr Streak. Mommy isn't as clueless as she looks though little man---in case you haven't noticed she has dubbed you some "only at home jeans" AKA jeans he can't get off even though he tries his hardest. I mean seriously when we get home from somewhere the oah jeans go on immediately--it has just become a fact of life.

As you can see in this picture he has mixed his love of ANYBODY's shoes but his own {no his feet aren't that big those are Jake's} with his 'naked phase'---just be glad he doesn't have a hat and a jacket on with all of that. Dress up is the name of his game right now--he is definitely ALL BOY and keeps us on our toes and entertained at all times. Could be worse....

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Kim said...

I'm tellin' ya - he showed Hudson how fun this is!

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