Wednesday, January 30

Gone a Visitin'

The kiddos got to visit with Aunt Gale today over at Net Net's house for just a little bit while she was in town. Got pictures of Alaina Claire and Will with her. Then they even got to go over to Papa and Yaya's tonight. Will found Papa's cowboy boots---hilarious!! They are spoiled with so many people who love and adore them. We are very blessed. Jake is just incognito today....he isn't in any of them except the back of him in this first one. Oh well...c'est la vie! For that matter Yaya....where are you????

Will in Papa's boots

Papa and Alaina Claire having a serious conversation

Attempted picture by Daddy to catch Alaina Claire in her pretty outfit---she wasn't happy about it obviously.


pookiesmom said...

Awww...they're all growing up so fast!! And aren't we supposed to be getting together soon? LOL

Kim said...

the boot picture will definitely come back to haunt him!! hahaha

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