Monday, January 28

Outside in the Cold

My kids are going stir crazy with all the cold weather and not being able to get outside and run around. Today they SAID it was going to be in the 50's. What I failed to pay attention to was that at 10:30 am it will still be freakin FREEZING cold. What do you do when you've promised they could go out and it is so cold your nose is bright red?? Ya let 'em play. So that is what we did this morning. They had a big time playing outside in the sand box and with the sidewalk chalk and their car. They were fascinated because there was water still ice in places outside and they thought it was hilarious that there was ice outside---like that is supposed to be in our freezer mom! HAHA I'll share a few pictures of the event. Will wanted to make SURE his ears didn't get cold as you can see and he decided sidewalk chalk looked much cooler on the front of his coat. Baby girl started out outside all bundled up until Mommy realized it was -24 degrees {not really it was only like 35} outside and she stayed the rest of the time just inside the door snoozing.

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Kim said...

the hat on the hood - this kid is going to have a lot of pictures coming back to haunt him!

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