Wednesday, January 23

I Lo Lu

Yep strange title I know, but the sweetest words you can hear from your kids. I've tried to get Will to say I Love You forever now. The kid says about a million other things now (some we understand and some we don't) but would never say that. He knows we want to hear it so he doesn't say it I'm convinced--his brother did the same thing. So last night James was getting ready to put the boys to bed and they always come tell their sister and me goodnight and give us a hug and sugars. I told Will our standard bedtime goodnights and then said I Love You and just as nonchalantly as ever as he was getting down off the couch he said "I Lo Lu"!!! How sweet is that. I did a double take and said 'what did you say?' He just turned around and gave me one if his big ol' dimple wearing cheesy grins and I knew. Whether he knows it or not right now with Alaina Claire in the mix he and his brother are still my precious babies too no matter how big they get!


Amy Call said...

How sweet!!! You have got to stop making me cry when I read your blog!!

Holly said...

how sweet! It took Brian forever to say it also.

Lea Ann said...

That is adorable!! They are getting so big-- and so quickly!!

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