Thursday, January 24

It makes my day when....

I receive GREAT customer service. You know I have been in the customer service/retail or something to do with people business since I started working. So I know how hard it can be to put aside your personal life {you know fight with hubby or bad date or broken water heater} sometimes and smile and treat your customer just like they are the only one that matters. It is tough but that is the business you are in if you are dealing with the public. I love it. It is my forte--I'm all about talking to people and if I wasn't around people I would go nuts. {hence why I am half way there right now because I don't get out enough anymore--too many kids--SLAH helps when I do get to have parties} Anyway, to my point----I dropped the boys off this morning and was on my way back home and McDonald's is on the way so I decide to stop and grab breakfast as I do sometimes. I go to this McD alot and they are ALWAYS awesome and treat me like they are my best friend. I LOVE it! I mean they even have your drink hanging out the window for you to take before you get up to the food window and then your bag is ALWAYS immediately to follow. They are just so friendly and nice. SO this morning it actually wasn't the same morning crew but still didn't matter they were just Super Nice. It stands out these days because so many people feel a sense of entitlement and that even though they chose that job they still don't have to be nice to you---even though with your money you help keep that business going in turn paying their paycheck---but some people just don't get it these days.

SO I say all that to say--I'm so proud of my little McD that I frequent and I wanted to give them a "shout out!" and tell them to keep doing what they are doing because they always make my day look a little brighter. The guy at the window this morning was even so confident that his nametag said Dominic "The Great". I love it!! LOL Gotta be confident in yourself no matter what you are doing and it will rub off on others.

I am off now to go to Mc D corporate site to let them know how much I appreciate this particular store too. That is the only way anyone will ever know they are doing a good job is if you tell them. I challenge all of you to tell the person waiting on you or helping you find clothes or changing your oil or whatever it is--if they are doing a good job--tell them. It will make you and them both have a better day!


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Courtney said...

That is a great point, Rach! We as a society are usually so quick to complain... but if we made that same effort to praise and acknowledge those who go above and beyond, just think of the impact that could have.

Whether we like it or not, other people and experiences influence our mood/attitude... whether for good OR bad. It's like that commercial where someone's having a bad day, and they're ugly to the next person, who in turn becomes ugly and passes the bad mood onto someone else...

So I feel the same way about our local Chick-Fil-A as you do about your McD's. I have often thought about telling them "You have the friendliest and most efficient drive-thru in town", but stop b/c I think they'll think I'm a dork. ;) But in reality, they'd probably appreciate that someone noticed their efforts.

PS - you do a great job with SLaH. Just thought I'd let you know. ;)

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