Monday, January 21

What's she up to?

Little miss is already growing so much every day. It is amazing the first few months how far they come. She loves to hold her head up and is getting pretty good at it. She seems to be enjoying her playmat more and more too if I can keep leech#1 and leech#2 off of it long enough for her to enjoy it without being smothered. =) oh the joy--note the little face right behind hers on the one where she is holding her head up and it proves my point.

Checking out her chicken, cow and pig that hang from her playmat, very intently I might add

look there is some curl to her hair when it is wet


Stefanie said...

That picture of the boys is hilarious. They look like flotsum and jetsum, just ready for trouble. And I really hope Alaina Claire has cute little curls, that would be too cute.

Kim said...

Those two look like "TROUBLE" - good luck with that!!

pookiesmom said...

Awww!! Look at her growing up. ;)

Amy Call said...

She is just beautiful!! I am abouit to break out my calendar to see when I can come home to meet her. You got room for 3 more at your house? Big hugs and kisses from me and my crew in Dallas!!

Lea Ann said...

She is so cute!! It's cute how much the boys want to be near her.

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