Tuesday, January 8

Have you held our baby girl?

Those of you who have been around for all 3 kids know that we are obsessed with taking your picture the first time you meet our baby. So here are I think most of the pictures we have so far. Everyone always wants to see them so perfect chance unless they have been posted on the blog already somewhere. This pictures of people holding her and if we missed someone sorry. There are a few I have thought of that we don't have pictures of Aunt Shelia, Aunt Lesa and my cousin Leigh Ann--sorry catch ya next time! Just thought if they are of you then you might like to see them. Don't mind the way the pictures are--there are alot of them.

Lori & Johnny


Net Net

Papa & Yaya


Travis & Lea Ann


Aunt Phyllis


(April's mom)



Aunt Gale


Lyndi, Steve, Amy & Becca


Mommy said...

Why no...I have not...because I CAN NOT GET WELL LONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

yeah - yeah - me too!! I'll be there within the next couple of weeks!!!

Courtney said...

Cute post! Yay, I got to hold her... but I won't rub it in girls. =)

Amy Call said...

OK...I met her. Aren't you going to add me and Brad>?

I know how bored you are, with nothing to do...hehehe...j/k

Thank you for being the only one for commenting on my blog. I keep checking back and nothin' Man it almost burns me up!!

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