Monday, January 14

1 month old

So tired Mommy, another picture??!

Our sweet baby girl is ALREADY 1 month old. That is so hard to believe. I hate thinking that we will turn around twice and she will be Jake's age. They grow so fast. When someone told me that before Jake was born I didn't put much stock in it---it's SO true! In one short month we can already see changes in you as you are much more aware of your surroundings, you love to just stare at your big brothers and you are sleeping more at night!! =)

SO happy one month old beautiful girl!! You are so loved and Mommy and Daddy can't wait to watch you grow. You are our little princess {with the pants to prove it!}.


Kim said...

good grief - already!? Doesn't seem so!!

Amy Call said...

Every single time I see her, I cry!!! Make sure she knows I love her even though she is ONE MONTH OLD AND I HAVE NEVER EVEN MET HER!!!!!!!! She is beautiful! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family and even more proud to be a part of it...Aunt Amy loves you all!!!!

Holly said...

wow! Where has the time gone. I think I still have food from Christmas in the fridge,hmmmm.. better clean that out later.

Courtney said...

Luv the pants!

Lea Ann said...

hard to believe!! she's adorable, and the pants are perfect!

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