Sunday, January 6

Visit from Uncle Dave and Aunt Liz

Uncle Dave and Aunt Liz drove up today and met us at Papa and Yaya's house. They came up to see Alaina Claire for the first time and boy did they have fun!! It's always a riot to sit around the house with my kids because you never know what you are gonna get and today was no exception. Jake of course took to watching movies at Yaya's because that is his fav thing to do there. Will on the other hand took to Uncle Dave {he does every time he sees him}. He wanted him to hold him the whole time and even fell asleep in his lap, Uncle Dave laid him down and then later went back in there and fell asleep with him too. While everyone was playing at one point we even heard help yells from the bedroom. {I say we but really just Liz heard it--guess James and I are used to the screams--haha}Liz went in there and Will had Dave in a head lock. Oh what fun! and yes you heard me WILL had DAVE in a headlock. HAHAHA The boys had the best time ever and we are so glad Alaina Claire got to meet her Aunt and Uncle.

Oh and sidenote---Dave and Liz are getting married in St Lucia in March--yay--we are so excited for them!!


Lea Ann said...

Too cute!

Holly said...

Yay for David and Liz. Those are great pictures!

Mommy said...

Woooohoooo for D and L! That's exciting...a beach wedding!

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