Wednesday, January 16

Alaina Claire sweet pictures

Alaina Claire's newborn proofs are done. Check them out and let us know what you think. In my opinion they are awesome and she is absolutely precious. I think they are only going to be up for a couple more days so if you want a peek be sure to go look. Let me know.....

***UPDATE--this Gallery is closed now--sorry--if you missed them I will have the ones we ordered soon so you can see***

Go to Courtney Marler Photography
you can click on it above or copy and paste this site into your browser then click enter website

Click on the Clients section at the top
Password is the baby's initials (all 3 of them)
If you have issues with that--email me or leave a comment

Like I said before Courtney did such an awesome job. Check her out for your maternity and newborn needs!! =)


Lea Ann said...

Those pictures are so good! Very sweet!

Lori said...

Those pictures are soooooooo sweet!!!! I really like that photographer!

Holly said...

very sweet pictures

Anonymous said...

Rachel, it says her site is having technical difficulties. I really want to see these pics! The one on her home page is amazing - whoever the people are!


Mommy said...

Beautiful! They are just beautiful! It certainly helps when the subject is a precious baby girl. :-)

pookiesmom said...

Those were adorable!!

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