Saturday, December 1

Beautiful Wedding

Tonight a friend I grew up with from kindergarten--maybe before--got married. It was truly a beautiful ceremony and the reception was decorated so nice (loved the colors) and she had a cool band! Prego over here was excited about the food and the yummy cake. My most favorite thing was shaved ice and the lemonade they had---what can I say--little things make me smile these days.

Here is a picture of our whole crew--friends from growing up----some from kindergarten and before! The only one missing is APRIL??!!!

Shannon, Misty, Me, Andrea, Suzanne

Congrats Andrea--we wish nothing but the best for you and Neil!


Kim said...

I should go post on Misty's blog and send everybody over here to see her in her fancy clothes!!hehe - ALL of you look GREAT!!!

Mommy said...

You are in some serious trouble!

Rachel said...

It's my bloggy and I'll post what I want to! =) Besides its a group--didn't post an alone shot up close or anything like that! You'll be ok.

Andrea said...

LOVE THE PICTURE!!! I want one!! Please send it to me. did you at one time do snapfish, or do you still? Either way please send it to me so I can print it off. Please tell me about the shaved ice, didn't know where that was, but hate that I missed it!!!! So we are going on Friday? I will keep with the info through Misty. Love you and good luck!!

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