Thursday, October 25

Our friends' birthday!

Last Friday was our friends Carson & Lawson's FIRST birthday!!! Hard to believe they are already one year old! So on Saturday the boys and I went to their birthday party at their house. It was super cool and we had yummy food. I'd say it went well since we closed down the party and were the last ones to leave cuz we were having so much fun---that is just what tends to happen between our two families. HAHA I will only post one picture here of Jake trying to entertain everyone with his awesome guitar skills and singing ability! Check out Kim's blog with all the cool pictures of the party and the full story here--click on Birthday Party
You can check in on them anytime though at The Wheelers. Happy Birthday Carson & Lawson!!!! We had a spooky good time at your party!

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Kim said...

Thanks for coming -- we had a blast!!! I've got more of those gummie candies for you!! haha

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