Wednesday, October 24

Pickin' a Pumpkin...

This past weekend we went with Net Net to a pumpkin patch we had seen that is near us. Now we didn't go to some fancy shmancy pumpkin patch with a petting zoo and hayrides. Nope--This was right off the road and they had pumpkins and they had big blow up Halloween characters! That's all my kids needed. They had a blast running around all over and checking out the characters and the scary stuff too! As you can see from the picture above they REALLY liked to run around--can you spot Jake in the middle of all the pumpkins?

Yes we left with 2 big pumpkins (one for our house and one for Net Net's) and a little pumpkin for each of the boys. It was FREE, a good time was had by all and very close! That's my kind of outing!!! =)

Net Net was showing them the "scary trailer" where they had all the scary stuff in one spot with all kinds of weird noises coming from all those weird things. Notice where I was......exactly! They didn't care though.

Here we have one of the infamous blow up characters---you know the Turkey---for HALLOWEEN???? !!! Anyway, this was Jake's favorite of course--I have like 5 pictures of him standing in front of it which is amazing because he HATES having his picture taken.

As I just said---HATES having his picture taken---"I'm outta here mom!" he said.

This was Will's favorite. It talked or danced or something and he liked shaking his hand. He really thought this guy was super cool!


Kim said...

A turkey??

Courtney said...

I'm waiting for cousin Eddie to pop out of the camper and yell, "Hey Clark!" =) National Lampoon's Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Looks like your boys had fun! We STILL have not gotten a pumpkin. :O

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