Wednesday, October 31

Getting ready for Halloween

So today we had a little fun with crafts and pumpkin carving. We FINALLY carved a jack-o-lantern. Or shall I say Daddy carved the jack-o-lantern--though I did trace it out for him! It took him the better part of the night once we got started. Jake was even ready to go to bed (Will had already turned in for the night).

Daddy and I were more excited to keep Jake up and turn out the lights so he could see the finished product than he was. He thought it was cool--think he'll think it's better tomorrow. Daddy did an AWESOME job!!=)

Jake and I also did a little project--he got to make some foam hand puppets. (Will was already asleep) He had a big time sticking the stuff on the puppet. Though he was very distraught that EVERY spider didn't have it's own web already drawn on the puppet like on the ghost one. Oh my...but we got over it. These were pretty cool and came out of pack I picked up at Target--there was a pumpkin too and there are 3 of each one. Fun stuff! I will have to say we got this idea from my friend Kim and her son Hudson who did a similar project a few days earlier. Here's how ours turned out...they still need the back put on to make the actual puppet in this picture....


Kim said...

okay the jack-o-lantern - super cool!!

pookiesmom said...

LOL...We did the same pumpkin! How funny is that?

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