Monday, October 29

Crazy Fun with the Family

On my mom's side of the family we always get together to celebrate birthdays a few months at a time. I have posted before about previous get togethers. Everytime the Childress crew gets together you can bet there is fun and hilarious conversations. Yesterday it was everything from Titans football to retirement to worm poop (yeah you heard me but don't ask I came in at the VERY end of that one and I have no clue--notice I didn't bother to find out either) to racing to very interesting novels SOMEONE has taken to reading since her time off of work. =) Anyway, needless to say you never know what you're gonna get but that is TOTALLY the fun of it! The kids always have a good time together and my boys love to get to spend time with more of their older cousins. This time we celebrated James, Leigh Ann and Rachel's birthdays (please take note as this will be important later in the Childress Cake Controversy). It was also the month of Jessie Gail's birthday so we did our annual balloon release for our beloved and VERY MUCH missed cousin/daughter/niece. Enjoy the pictures and captions....

For the balloon release we each write a message to Jessie on a balloon to release

There they go up to heaven.... yes we encountered somewhat of a "snag" some of them got caught in the trees due to the wind but believe it or not they all broke loose!

Anna Grace playing with Will..she's always so good with the kids...that reminds me of someone!! =)

My kids always find some toys at the Herd house that they love to play with. This time Will could not be separated from this John Deere tool box and set of keys. He took them EVERYWHERE! And yes he ended up getting to take the keys home with him. Oh and Jake got a video (Lori did you know that?? your kids gave it to him--I didn't know til we were on our way--haha!)

They stayed in the yard the whole afternoon playing. Here are all the boys even their bigger cousins Zach and Trent too. Good times!!
Where was Anna Grace---the only girl of the bunch?????

Here she is just sitting back under her umbrella and watching---perfect! Don't worry Alaina Claire is coming soon AG!

AND NOW for The Childress Cake Controversy

So obviously at the birthday parties we have cake. Throughout the years different people have tried their hand at making the cake (never me---couldn't pay me enough--haha). As of late though Aunt Charlotte has been making most of them as she did at this party.

Remember I said it was James, Leigh Ann, Rachel whose birthdays we were celebrating.....well here's a picture of the cake.....

Does anyone see anything wrong with this cake (remember the names I just told you) OH YES that's right...Jeannette???? what the heck is her name doing on the Aunt Charlotte---her birthday is in FEBRUARY?!! Where's poor Leigh Ann's name---who was really the ultimate casualty of this episode of The Childress Cake Controversy! (If I was you I would ask for another cake next time with YOUR name on it, Leigh Leigh)

So how could this happen you ask??? What was she doing while icing the cake?? She even bought a present for Leigh Ann and not for Jeannette?! And what was she thinking when she got done icing the cake and took a step back and thought to herself "wow self that looks darn good" ?? ....................

.........THIS....Yep this right here----I'm pretty sure this was the problem. So maybe next time lay off until the cake is completely done Aunt Charlotte, what do ya think??! Ronnie can't you regulate her??? heehee

HAHAHA---all in fun--all in fun--she is just another one the cake misfortune has fallen upon--stay tuned as I am sure there will be a sequel and I am sure it will be a different person and different issue. Promise Charlotte we won't EVER mention it again. ;)

And just an FYI---aside from the names the cake was YUMMY!!


Kim said...

haha - After I have all these kids, I want to come to one of these parties!! What kind of flavors do you serve in that size hurricane?? The last drop seemed to have been sucked dry and I can't tell if it is one of those fruity ones that I use to really like!! I can't wait to see the next cake - keep serving 'em up - makes for an interesting blog post and hysterical pictures!

NiNi said...

oh, the childress family . . .gotta love em.

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