Tuesday, September 11

Where's the boat?

Today is school day and of course, Jake is sick. Not bad sick just a little cold BUT he has a fever so no school for him. When school time comes around it's like he's a magnet for whatever germ is out there and his body magnifies it. So none of the other kids are that sick but he always gets a little something here, little something there. Aggh! Can't we find a way to keep them to ourselves!

Anyway, I digress, Jake and I took Will to school and no Jake didn't go in and infect everyone. After that I told Jake that Mommy needed to go vote. He said you can sit and I'll push. I was like what?? Anyway, I tried to describe to him what it was going to look like when we got there and ended up telling him I was going to go to a big computer and touch the screen and that was Voting. (it's the Nashville Mayoral runoff election--in case you were wondering). I even made him look at my lips while I said the word Vote so he would understand what I was saying.

STILL when we got to the school where I vote--he said "wait Mommy, where's the boat?!"

HA!! I said sorry son that is not what we are doing--much to his dismay--he went in with me to vote, where there was NO boat--and he was none too happy about it.

We came back out to the car and he said "now we get to go to the boat?" I just said no baby we will have to do that another day. What else can you say??

My sick baby wanted a boat so we might have to create one today at home. =)

Random picture of Jake with Uncle Dave Christmas 2006!!


Holly said...

So did you make a boat?lol

Travis and Lea Ann said...

Poor thing...I hope he feels better soon!!!

the mommy said...

Yes we did make a boat as a matter of fact. They like to use the laundry basket for such things and that is what we did that day! =)

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