Sunday, September 9

Playdate with our cousin!

Friday, Holly and I had decided we needed to get the boys together for a playdate. Her son, Brian Jr, is about 7 months older than Will. This is James's cousin Brian's wife and son. If you've been to birthday parties---you've seen them and their girls--they are always there!! The boys never get together alone, because at family functions there are always lots and lots of kids. So we went to Dragon Park over by Vanderbilt. I think the Spence boys might have been too much all at once for little Brian. (just kidding--he was tired) I think all in all they had a good time. I know Will and Brian would have stayed in the swings all day and fallen asleep if there hadn't been a line behind us to get on them. =) Mickey D's was yummy too. At least there Jake made Brian laugh with his crazy noises.

I of course forgot my camera, so you can check out the pictures Holly took and put on her blog--click HERE.

We look forward to the next playdate of the Cart/Spence boys!!! Our new "friends" as Jake calls them like he has never seen them before. haha

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