Thursday, June 14

Who would have thought?

This up above.....yes this is the culprit! Who would have thought an innocent cute little tux would have caused SO MUCH havoc! I guess it was me who went into this blindly thinking "my son is a good boy, he'll do fine, we're just trying on tuxes....for Travis" (that is important later).

Here is the story: Jake was asked to be the ring bearer in James' cousin Lea Ann and Travis' wedding--ok fine no big deal. =) Jake idolizes Travis (see picture below where they are intently chatting at his last birthday). He always wants to know where Travis is, can I play with Travis, when are we going to see Travis? Right, so we have been telling him you get to be in Lea Ann and Travis' wedding and you get to dress just like Travis!! Sounds like fun right? He thought so UNTIL yesterday when we got to the tux shop. The nice unknowing sales lady gave us a tux sent us to the dressing room we shut the door all while poor Lea Ann was outside the door taking care of Will (she and Travis will probably never have children now). I have never seen my child act so bad in my life. Screaming, crying, tears, snot, red faced, made himself hot, kicking--you name it--ALL while I was calmly (yes I was still calm albeit maybe a little threatening though nothing was working) trying to put this cute little suit on him. At that point he didn't even care if Travis had one just like it "I don't want to be like Travis!" and that is saying something.

In the end can we just say the Biggest Fit of His Life didn't end until I got the last article of clothing off of him. Thank God that one fit and we didn't have to go any further.

YEP--so Jake is going to be in a wedding....ummm....guess what I am trying to say is STAY TUNED to next weekend---which is the big day on Saturday to see if ALL the prepping in the world and probably promises of whatever we can think of that he LOVES to do will hopefully work and we can at least get him IN the tux--I'm not even worried about down the aisle at this point---just getting IN the tux. So we will see...

For Lea Ann and Travis---it will be fine--don't worry about Jake--we hope. Travis you might need to do some damage control before next Saturday though. =)


Lea Ann said...

Gosh, I felt so horrible. I never would have imagined that it would scare him so badly. It makes sense now though. I'm sorry Jake! We went out last night and looked for everything we could find wearing a tux (aka costume). We are working on something for him! Travis said he would come visit Jake wearing his suit someday really soon! Love you guys, Lea Ann

Kim said...


Natalie said...

OMG - that is SO FUNNY!!!!

Mommy said... he doesn't love the penguin suit. You can tell him Mr. J doesn't like them either. We'll see in December what J thinks about it. Could be a repeat...just on a different blog.

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