Tuesday, June 26

Made good on the CEC!

So we made good on the Chuck E Cheese promise today and at the same time got to visit and play with our friends Lyndi & Steve and their girls Amy and Becca. The promise was of course from the wedding --"if you wear your 'costume' we'll take you to CEC". Just a sidenote that there was no WE just ME with my two kids--yes it was during the week during the day and HE had to work BUT STILL....Steve took off!! =) (Just kidding dear) So the kids had a great time as you can see for the entire TWO AND A HALF hours we were there. Note what baby Becca did the whole time, ahh the life of a baby! You know it is time to go when they start to climb on top of the rides instead of wanting to get in them. Let's get outta here...and we did! Thanks for the good time guys--we'll do it again sometime--I know Steve will mark it on his calendar for sure! LOL


Mommy said...

Boy, you are one BRAVE Momma! GEC, without Daddy?

Daddy Spence said...

Hate that I missed this venture.
Or, maybe not hate, but regret.

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