Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day

**Disclaimer--all photos taken with my cell phone--sorry for the quality--digital camera to come soon--I promise!

Hope everyone had a great father's day. We did at our house. The boys had a blast playing outside with daddy with our rigged sprinkler (aka the hosepipe) and in the little bitty fishing pool that the boys have. They all decided to get in it, Daddy included. Yes, a bigger pool is on the list but whatever works at the time is what we do!!


Kim said...

James - get out of the pool - there is NO room for the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Lonnie says, "James, no peeing in the pool!"

Mommy said...

With #3 on the is definitely time for a new pool! Maybe Jake might want one for his birthday? Sounds like a great idea!


Natalie said...

What is it with ya'll rednecks and the hose as a sprinkler! I guess I need to send those babies a cool sprinkler from Florida TOO (Hudson Wheeler is getting one too ...).


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