Saturday, March 1

5 Years Ago Today

****Warning Warning-- sappy post below---not your usual Rach speak****

Today in 2003, I married my one and only, my cherry on top, my sweet sweet James Kenneth! I wake up every morning thankful to God that he brought this man into my life. I look back but I almost can't...because I can't picture my life without him. I do treasure him and all of the things he has given me and taught me and all the things we have experienced, accomplished and grown together. I am positive that I don't tell him these things enough and that I take for granted that he is with me every day but just in case you don't know, honey, now is the time to read the blog, my life truly is better because of you!! =) I love you baby!

I will leave you with one of the really cool things that we did at our wedding--it was a tradition we started with a Rose Ceremony. And yes for those wondering we still do it every year--this year I got lucky with a dozen roses but usually it is just the one like we started with. Here it is:

Rachel, I give you this rose. Because it grew from a tiny seed, becoming stronger and larger until it burst into flower, it symbolizes the way my love for you has grown.

Each year on our anniversary, I will give you another rose. By doing this, I’ll remember this day and renew the vows we’ve made.

James, I give to you this vase of water.

Because the water is the one thing without which we would perish, it symbolizes the importance of your love in my life. Each year on our anniversary, I will refill this vase, as a symbol to you of my ever renewing love.

Without water, the rose would die.

Without the rose, the vase of water would not be beautiful. My gift is enhanced by yours, just as my life is enchanced by yours.

My gift is lovely because of yours, just as my life is better because of you.

Today we begin our life as one.

Now is also a very appropriate time to remind those of you family and friends that shared that special day with us how much that meant for you to be there. Thank you all for the support and love you gave us before and have given us since then. We love you all!


pookiesmom said...

I remember this day well! The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I loved the slide show at the reception. Couldn't drink though cause I thought I might have been pregnant. And found out on 4/1 that I was. :D

Kim said...

First off - congrats!!!

Second - look how skinny we all were!!!

Rach said...

No kidding!! Oh the days BK.

Kim said...

Uhhhh yeah - before 7 of them {and that is just between you and me!} Think about that 7 kids in 5 years - we have been busy! hahaha - if they all only knew!

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