Tuesday, February 26

Jake and the Pre K story

So I am usually a little slow on the uptake about what I need to be doing for my kids schooling. Like places have a waiting list and I realize that I want them to be in Mother's Day Out for example and try to do it right then. {but have to wait til the next school year} Well as you can imagine that doesn't work that well. Last time I planned ahead was when I had Jake and I was supposed to go back to work and he had a spot and then my plan backfired and they didn't have a spot and well I'm not complaining because all of that got me to right here in this moment and choosing to stay home with my kids.

Ok I digress. Anyway, SO I had always said that the year before my kids go to kindergarten I want them to go to a 5 day a week program to get ready and James agreed---not just for the things they will learn but for the social and "getting in a routine" reasons. Jake of course has gone to Mother's Day out but it is only 2 days a week so we decided this coming school year he needs to attend a 5 day a week program. Well herein lies the problem....or so we thought. I have done research on all of our options here in our county and was gonna just go ahead and try for several of them. BUT when I started looking at the Catholic Church/School we have that is right near us {not the one we attend} that has a Pre K program it was back at the first of the month and it JUST SO HAPPENED that they were having their school open house that coming up Sunday. So we attended. Jake absolutely LOVED the room and all the cool things they had there and he loved the assistant teacher as did James and I was especially impressed with the lead teacher. SO what did we do but march right to the office, get our paperwork, go out to the car, fill it out, take it right back in and sign up for a family meeting .

Which brings us to tonight. Tonight was our family meeting that we had with the teachers. We went with about 4 or 5 other families and got to hear more about the program and ask any questions we had from the lead teacher and the kids got to play and the assistant teacher was observing/helping them. It all went well. I am still impressed. Now all we do is just WAIT the admissions for the siblings of current kids just ended and now they can accept new people but we don't know how many slots they have---I feel like we're waiting for a college letter or something!!! HAHA You know I am just joking--I know it is preK and we have lots of these type things to come.....with all the kids. BUT wish us luck. Jake REALLY wants to go back to big school. Of course being potty trained is a no brainer for PreK so we have a little work to do. The best thing about this place is ---it is like 5-7 minutes from the house--woo hoo for me!! We'll keep you updated.

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pookiesmom said...

Sounds like us and Campus school. Except Amy wouldn't even start there until she's almost 6. But we went on her 4th birthday and got her on the waiting list. The things we do for our kids. ;)

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