Friday, February 22

A sleeping car

You gotta love a sleeping car. What is a sleeping car you ask?? It's when I get home after we have been somewhere, gone to run errands or something to that effect and ALL my kids are asleep in the car. I am lucky, I must say, my kids "transfer" very well. They always have. Oh yeah don't think some days we just get in the car right before lunch go get some Mickey D's and then ride around for awhile. What I love about it is no effort to get them to sleep---bring em home--slap em in bed---let them sleep---get something done with ALL THREE of my kids asleep at the SAME TIME!!!

Today the reason they all crashed out was a big fat playdate at Kim's house with Hudson, Carson and Lawson. Kim they were sacked before we hit the interstate while you were on book number 7. HAHA -----AND they are still asleep. WOW!!!!!! off to accomplish something.....


Kim said...

We had a blast - thanks for coming over!! What a crack up with Hudson's reaction to AC!!! I don't know if I should be scared or happy with this knowledge as I go into my final weeks of pregnancy!! This new kid might be safe with all the love she feels or she will be suffocated!! Who knows!!

And - Yes, I'm so glad they slept and you got some stuff done!! I ended up napping with the kidlets and Got NUTTIN' accomplished!!

Anonymous said...

You tell the best stories. I can just see it happening. Sleeping kids. Ahhhh

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