Wednesday, February 20

Friendly visit

Tonight our friends Lyndi and Steve came over for dinner and play time with their two girls Amy and Becca. It was a pizza and breadstick night---quick and easy. Then off to play. The kids had a big time running all over the house. Amy especially liked checking out our fish tank {which is in desperate need of more "stuff"}. Becca just didn't know what to do with all the boy toys in the house--you can see her pulling up to the table and checking out those dinosaurs--pretty nifty hey Becca??? Will always wants Steve to hold him. Our usual dinners take place at Mickey D's and last time they were in the play place area and the whole time Will just wanted Steve to hold him. Too funny! He took right back up with him again tonight. Well that is in between trying to keep up with Amy and Jake and whatever they were trying to play with/get into. Alaina Claire she was here but she just stayed out of the big kids way....don't worry she'll be hanging in there with the best of them in no time!

Thanks guys---we had a blast! We'll do it again soon!!!

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pookiesmom said...

We had an awesome time too! Thanks for having us!

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