Saturday, January 19

What a way to wake up!!

It's a good post not bad. So I'll start by telling you the night before. Friday night (last night) Alaina Claire got done eating around 11pm for the last time for the night and I laid her in her bed. I piddled around and got to bed around midnight. Next thing I know I'm waking up to her starting to whimper and I look over at the clock and it is 6AM!!!!! Did you see what I just said 6AM!! {now that is all I am going to say about that so as to not jinx myself--I'm not a fool!} I thought the clock was wrong but James wasn't in the bed so I get up to go see and he had even gotten up with the boys so I wouldn't have to. (he does this regularly on the weekends--point this time is that I didn't even hear them get up!)

So she wakes up and I feed her and I stay in there and sleep a little while longer. As I am getting up because she is ready to get up at this point. Lo and behold here comes my husband with breakfast in bed for ME!!! I honestly think this is the first time anyone has ever given me breakfast in bed. I didn't know what to say! What a wonderful way to start the day and the weekend for that matter. I think I was so speechless I didn't really say a proper thank you. So THANK YOU Honey!!! It was so thoughtful and just what I needed. Love ya!


Natalie said...

So let me get this correct ~ you wake up at 6AM all the time???

the mommy said...

HAHAHA----yes girl--this is my life! If I'm lucky they'll get up at 5:30!! (sarcasm) Of course now with little miss I'm usually up once during the night before then. 3 hrs of straight sleep is unheard of that is why the 6 hrs was such a big deal. Cross your fingers for tonight. =)

Kim said...

Great googley-moogley!!! Sounds like you might have a HUDSON - Man you got to love a sleeper!!

Misty - give your kids some sleeping pills, sister!!

As far as James - What did he want!? Could he really be that NICE??? If he really was being nice, I need to apologize for all the bad stuff I've said about him . . . {no I don't - nevermind!}hehehe

the mommy said...

Kim that was me talking---about when MY kids get up not Misty. I'm "the" mommy when I actually use my blogger ID she is just "mommy" =)

Kim said...

hahaha - well - GIVE your kids the sleeping pills!!!

Sorry Misty - didn't mean to label your kids as some nonsleepers!!!

the Daddy said...

Your welcome dear; only the best for the best !!

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