Sunday, January 20

Recent Visitors

We have had a couple visitors recently and I thought I would post some pictures. Lea Ann and Travis have been to the house a couple of times since Alaina Claire was born. The boys just absolutely LOVE to play with Travis. They also brought supper both times--God bless them! In these pictures look how big Jake looks with Lea Ann holding him. He is getting so long. Will {in his batman jacket Yaya and Papa gave him} was watching TV with Travis and being goofy.

Then my friend Amy (and old college roommate) came over on Saturday. The boys haven't seen her in awhile. Will cuddlebug as he is just loved having her there because she would hold him AND the baby if he wanted. Jake just wanted to go home with her. Guess he was tired of us. Sorry maybe next time buddy.


Amy said...

You know what a sucker I am when it comes to cuddling! Tell Jake that he can come stay one evening and we can watch videos. I think he would enjoy the Muppet Show!

Amy said...

Oh! I hit enter a little too quickly. Little Miss Alaina Claire is a doll!

I need to come visit again soon (with food).

Stefanie said...

Yeah, Jake is getting soo big. Those legs, man. That picture is too funny.

Lea Ann said...

I cannot believe how big Jake's crazy...seems like just a month ago I was rocking him to sleep and he was just a baby...the same with Will... The time goes by so fast!

Lea Ann said...
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