Friday, October 26

Fun on a yucky day....

What do you do when it's finally stopped raining outside but it is still too yucky and slightly cold to go out and play in the backyard???? Build a tent of course!! That is just what we did today.

The boys love it when we do this. My grandmother's sewing table opens out and makes a perfect roof for a tent---add the sheet and we are good to go! Cheap fun, my friends, cheap fun!

Will thought it was lots of fun to pull the sheet down, out, up and every which way on the tent. This made Jake slightly upset......can you tell?

Enter the rigged with a pillow tent after Will's sabotage attempts in which he succeeded in ripping a hole in the sheet. lovely

He was way more into playing peek a boo with Jake from outside rather than going inside even though Jake tried to coax him in there with many different toys and books. Will wouldn't take the bait--was it a plot for revenge of the tent sabotage or just a stab at brotherly bonding??? --ya never know but Will wasn't taking any chances!

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Kim said...

I would love to crack on James - but Rachel "the look" on Jake's face (and you know which one I'm talking about) looks just like you!! I've never seen you do that look - but it does look like you!!

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