Sunday, July 13

Where does the time go?

Four years ago today we were welcoming our first bundle of joy into this world... At 9:37am Jacob Nolan Spence joined our family. WOW how time has flown! Jacob you are our biggest boy and such a joy to be around. You make us laugh on a daily basis with your jokes {how does a bird fly? [hahaha]} yep that's the joke. {hee hee} Your imagination is ENDLESS. I know I had an imagination when I was a kid but it is nothing compared to yours. You can stay busy for hours with just your animals and little people to keep you company. Videos....videos....videos....I have never met a kid that asks to watch videos anymore than you either. {ugh} One day you will thank us for saying no at least SOME of the time when you are able to live on your own and make your own money maybe because you broke away from the videos long enough to learn more things. =) It is so hard to believe that you are already four. It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital to have you but then again it seems like you have been with us forever.

We love you Jacob Nolan and are SO proud of you!

See how he has grown:

In the hospital

Our New Family

6 months old

12 months old

18 months old

2 1/2 years old

3 years old

4 years old!!Check out that get up! He had been outside playing Robin Hood {too cute!}


Daddy said...

I still can not believe that we have a 4-year old. Oh how he's grown. Great post honey.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Man, do all our kids have a full head of hair at birth?! He was such a pretty baby.

Kim said...

Check out that do at birth!!! We could have braided it!

I love the last shot - I'm sure you're just rubbing it in that kid wears underwear!

Krista Lee said...

Love your blog! It is sooo cute! (as if I expected anything different lol) I can't believe Jake is 4, time flies!

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