Friday, July 4

Jack Daniels- Moon Pie-Spamalot-RC-Spartans-what?!

This year for the 4th we went down to Bell Buckle where my dad aka Gramps {the King of Bell Buckle my sister's friends call him} lives. Crazy stuff happens in BB--if you know where it is and you have been---then you KNOW of what I speak! So each year the 3rd Saturday in June they have an RC/Moon Pie Festival, as if this wasn't enough to pique your interest....during that festival they have what is called Synchronized Wading. Let me be the first to say that until you have seen one of these events you haven't truly lived. {Just as my dad would say if you can't consider yourself well traveled until you have visited BB} Sychronized Wading is a skit done in a wading pool to be frank about it. The skit in and of itself is usually absolutely the most hilarious thing you will watch.......not only because people you would never imagine get dressed into ungodly ridiculous costumes but because the humor in it is SOOO dry. Really it is fuuuunnny! My sister used to be in them when she lived in town but alas since she has moved FAAAR away to the big city {with me} she was not in it this year......BUT my dad was as he has been in the past also.

Back to my point in the beginning. We went down there today for a potluck picnic and to watch the synchronized wading which they do an encore presentation of at this picnic. This year was a spoof on Shakespeare in honor of the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival that The Webb School hosted in Bell Buckle this year going on at the same time.

{don't ask what it was about just know it involves Moon Pie who loves RC who is also being courted by Coca Cola and Goo Goo wants RC but he only wants Moon Pie so Mrs. Goo Goo Cluster tries to give him a love potion {#9} to cure that and meanwhile the King and Queen are having an argument because the Queen can't understand all the King's big words and then gay Jack Daniels comes in there somewhere as does King Arthur. Oh wait and in the end the King and Queen decide to entertain the know WE 300! Yeah them. And Elvis got in the picture too. Got that?! HA! Me neither...just know it was hilarious in person and enjoy the pictures!}

SO without further ado I present the
2008 Synchronized Wading "A Midsummer's Nightmare"....

The King {real mayor of BB} and Queen of Spamalot
Coke dancing with a gay Jack Daniels {daddy}

Daddy as King ArthurElvis has to show up somewhere--here chatting up Goo Goo

THE Love Potion {#9 to be exact}

Goo Goo cluster with Miss Goo Goo heartbroken over RC

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