Monday, July 21

Get Ready to Kung Fu!

Jake's 4th Birthday Bash was Saturday! It was a Kung Fu Panda party {could you have ever guessed?} Complete with:
Chinese lanterns .

Panda cupcakes
and other Kung Fu Panda paraphernalia.

I do believe it was another successful party---thanks everyone who came...hope you had a great {I know hot} time and thanks for all the Super Cool gifts! He has played with/read/tried on ALL of it! The Slip n Slide was a big success. Here you see Jake feet up at the end. Jessi, Amy and Will were trying it out too! BUT....

by the end of the party Hudson Wheeler was for sure the King of the Slip n Slide!
{with a little help from his Daddy}

Ummm let's see who's having more fun here? The "big kids" or the little ones???? Run Samantha Run!! She's gonna catch you. Note Cayleigh and Emma Grace just taking it all in from the comfort and safety of the pool.

And what 4 year old's birthday party would be complete with out Bodyguards, or Men In Black or just Kyndall and Travis in sunglasses getting ready for watergun mania.
If only you could see Travis's shoes....they were stylin'!

While Hudson was slipping and sliding the rest of the Wheeler bunch were hanging out.
Emsley was chilling with mama and Carson and Lawson were living it up in the
little pool with daddy and all of their cups.

Here we find Aunt Abbey having a serious talk {at the kid table} with Jake about what it means to be 4 years old! Note Amy and Will listening is Jake. Wonder what was said???

Let's open Presents!!

1. cool big boy basketball goal that he can dunk on...think we need to raise it up...haha
2. another dinosaur to add to his Imaginext collection
3. kissing his Where the Wild Things Are book--this is his FAV-O-RITE book right now he knows it by heart and can recite it without the book and does regularly throughout the day--his old one was torn up
4. A!! neat!! I think mommy and daddy might be more excited about this one until he figures out what it does and then we won't ever see it again...hee hee
5. Bag o' WHO do we have to thank for this one??? Oh right...Uncle Phillip...BUT we cannot be mad----he is the one that provided all the Watergun Fun among other some of the other cool stuff ....THANK YOU Uncle P. {that's his rap name in case you didn't know}

This is pseudo mommy. Janice--I don't care how long it is in between times we see her she comes in a picks right up and my kids just take to her--always have. Thanks Janice just like last party--I was able to enjoy some while you took care of my bebe!! {you know that's why you get the invite...right? HAHA just kidding} =)




pookiesmom said...

Amy had an awesome time! Thanks for inviting us!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

what a darling party! Love the before and after shot. LOL
Thanks for stopping by

Kim said...

we had a blast - thanks for inviting us!

Cassie Davis said...

Those cupcakes look great! Tell your little man we said Happy Birthday! I wished you lived could start a daycare. We just found out that ours is closing! :(

joanne said...

what fun! it looks like everyone had a splish splash time! love the panda cup cakes!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for stopping by, again - and commenting!! I keep checking back to see if you've made any new adorable cupcakes... :-)

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