Sunday, April 6

She's a Trooper!

Well if we didn't know it already we definitely know after this weekend. Our baby girl is a trooper! Ended up at the Dr office Thursday to find out that she has an ear infection---you read it right at 3 and a half months old an EAR INFECTION. So of course we get 3 1/2 months old....ugh! So if the high fever, hurting ear and restless nights weren't enough for her. She woke up Saturday morning in a MUCH better mood and we were excited only to have it dashed by a vomiting session midday. When I mean vomit that is what I mean not spit up. First off none of my kids really spit up and when they do it is just a little bit SO I knew this was throw up. {what is up with all this crud at the Spence House---now a stomach virus too?!!} Other than the obvious limiting the fluids which HACKED this little girl off--she was just as sweet as could be through the whole thing. She would even smile while she was puking. Poor baby! Anyway, to make a long story short thankfully this icky mess left as quick as it came about midday today. Tonight she started back on a regular eating schedule and is resting well as we speak and now back to trying to get over the ear infection and that is it!

The picture above is her taking in some sun during her walk around the yard with Daddy this afternoon after her not so fun past 24 hrs. She was ready for some fun!


Courtney said...

Aw Rach, sorry she's been sick. But ya can't tell it by looking at her - she's just as beautiful as ever. =) Get well soon, AC!

pookiesmom said...

She's so adorable!!

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